About Us

About Us

Xiamen Gifts is committed to offering a reliable one-stop shop for your LED lighting products service needs. Our services provide product design and verification, moulding design and development, full product manufacturing, testing, assembling and packaging service.

We guarantee and maintain the highest standards. Our manufacturing follows ISO 9001 certified quality management systems.

Our strength and dedication also encompass the follow areas:

   Advanced R&D Technology

   Product Verification and Inspection

   On Time Delivery

   Exceptional Customer Service

As your reliable business partner, we support your business needs whether traditional products, unique parts, exclusive products, or any urgent or time sensitive needs.

Excellent customer service is our value. Win-win is our pursuit. 

We are here to support you even in the very early stages of product concept. We will support your needs through high quality, cost effective support and save you time and money.